Rant Open loops in future support.

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Thread: Open loops in future support.

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    Angry Open loops in future support.

    Just a bit of a rant here.
    I've been using Rhinocam for a few years.
    Picked up the upgrade to Expert from Standard, Specifically to use for 4th axis machining in 2018.

    Installed 4th axis a couple of month ago and had issues with Inverse time speed feed rate.

    Files and post were emailed to tech support at Mechsoft.
    Tech support found problems with the post but refused to provide updated post processor.
    This is the exact line from Mechsoft tech support email.

    "We have identified an issue where the inverse time feedrate computation is off for certain types of geometries. This issue is being looked at by development team and a fix for this will only be made available in the our latest/current version 2019."

    I contacted customer service department and was promised a call back within 2 weeks (why 2 weeks but whatever).

    Been about a month and no followup, phone call or corrected post.

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    Dear Customer,

    Obviously this bug in our software is frustrating enough that you have taken the time to post a video about this. We acknowledge your frustration and would like to work with you in resolving this issue.

    As you may be well aware, any complex software system such as RhinoCAM will have bugs and we do our best to provide a product that is fully functional and as bug free as it is possible. So if a bug is discovered in one of our older products, we simply do not have the resources to go back and back-port fixes to our older products, unless it is relatively early in the release cycle. This policy is in line with software industry policy in general. As a bit of context, our 2018 version is almost 2 years old and we are getting ready to release our 2020 version in a month or so. Furthermore, this policy is clearly stated in our End User License agreement that customers agree to when they buy a license to our product.

    The best option for you at this point is to upgrade to our 2019 product we will be happy to talk with you about this. Please also note that we also offer the Annual Maintenance Subscription (AMS) program. This program will keep active subscribers updated with the latest version of the product, which will include bug fixes as well as new enhancements, in addition to providing priority support. Subscribing to this program will offer assurance that such situations can be prevented in the future.

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Open loops in future support.

    The frustrating part is not to have to post the video but rather to pay for the product that has a bug and been asked to pay more to have it corrected. This is your choice in customer support, not mine.
    I believe that the best option for me is to switch the software package. I was a bit reluctant to start learning new interface but after reading your reply, that reluctance is gone. Thanks.
    Have a nice day.

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Open loops in future support.

Open loops in future support.

Open loops in future support.