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    Default HBM Profi 45 conversion

    I bought an HBM Profi 45 a couple of days ago. The main reason for selecting this machine from many options was its ISO-30 taper.

    My plan is following:
    • Closed loop motors
    • Ball screws with double ball nuts
    • Full enclosure
    • Flood, mist and air cooling
    • Original spindle, gearbox and motor but VFD drive
    • One shot oiler
    • Counterweight for Z axis
    • Touchscreen for control
    • Power drawbar if easily possible
    • At least a provision for tool changer if power drawbar is built

    So far I have pondered a few design choices:

    • Mach 4, LinuxCNC or some other control software?
    • Closed loop steppers or actual servos? I want high performance but is it really worth putting servos on a non production machine?
    • Direct drive or belt drive motors? Normal way seems to be direct drive, but with belt drive the motors could be moved to a more protected position.
    • Fieldbus based control system or traditional? The fieldbus based control systems are really interesting. They seem to have much fewer parts than traditional systems which also compensates the higher cost of the components.

    I'll begin by disassembly and CAD modeling of the machine as it gets delivered. My goal is to build full CAD model for easier design of the drive system, enclosure, base etc.

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    Default Re: HBM Profi 45 conversion

    It sounds like you have a good plan for the most part.

    I'd say belt drive is the way to go. Especially if you want a power draw bar.

    Check out UCCNC for a control, I think it's better than Mach 4 by a long shot. There are distinct advantages to Windows controls as there are for Linux controls. It just depends on what you want and what your comfort zone is.

    I'd definitely recommend modeling your machine. Down the road it will be invaluable. I found a model of PM25 that is pretty close for my G0704. I use that model for all sort of stuff, that includes my enclosure.

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    Default Re: HBM Profi 45 conversion

    Late to answer but this may help some others with the same question.
    If you are talking about belt or direct drive for the axis motors, its all going to depend on your motor selection and screw pitch. Usually a servo will need to be large to direct drive, and would provide a very high (un-useable) speed on a machine this size when coupled with typically available ball screws (5mm pitch). Small servos can be belt drive and use the belt ratio to reduce the max speed but increase the torque. Steppers are usually direct drive as they are high torque, but their torque falls off with speed, so are not usually belt connected as any belt reduction also magnifies this problem and adding belts at 1:1 adds cost and complexity for little gain.

    I built my 12Z (big RF45) years ago with relatively small servos and belt reduction. Would I do it again now with 10+ years experience on it? Probably not. KISS is a good principle on a hobby machine and adding unnecessary complexity using servos with encoder feed back to the control cabinet adds more things to go wrong, plus the added expense of belts and pulleys. Steppers are beautifully simple, and the main downfall is they don't fault when they miss a step. Sizing them properly and not exceeding their capabilities are the keys to steppers. Adding an encoder feedback to a stepper just brings it back up to the electrical complexity of a servo and closer to the cost, without the belts. I've had some electrical failures over the years, all due to me not putting the proper care into protecting the encoder signal cables. The belts have been fine.
    I do want to say that although I wouldn't do belt drive servos again, I'm not disappointed I did. Its been pretty good and any issues have been down to my laziness and lack of protection of the motors and connections.

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