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I have recently replaced my Redsail X700's 60w factory Redsail laser tube with a 100w 1200mm long Reci tube. I thought that I would share a few thoughts and pics on the process.

1. The Reci tube is 80mm in diameter vs. the factory tube being 60mm. This size difference requires a change to larger tube mounts. There is a family of plastic 80mm mounts that are usually sold by the folks who sell Reci tubes. They come in three sizes; short height, medium height and tall height. The Redsail X700 needs the short mount. If you have a different make or model of laser engraver, measuring before you order mounts will make your life a lot easier. Measure twice, cut once!

2. The new laser mounts will need new holes drilled in the X700 case to attach them to the case. If you try to attach them using the original mounting holes, the mounts will interfere with either hardware in the laser or the cooling outlet on the laser tube. Drilling the holes was really quite easy. I put tape on the old holes.

3. I replaced the original Laser Power Supply with an approved Reci PS. This is important, as apparently no vendor will honor the warranty on the Reci tube if you are using a non-approved power supply. Be sure to note the wiring identification on the old PS, as the Reci PS is laid out differently. I also had to solder wire extensions as the plugs were located in different spots on the PS and Redsail made the original wiring very short. A little attention here will make your PS replacement very easy!

4. I did a quick eyeball alignment of the tube, put tape on the first mirror and fired it up. First shot was low. Quick adjustment and the it was right on dead center.
I have included pics that show the tube being installed, laser alignment and targets used until I had dot on dot in all four corners of the work area. This build, adding the higher powered tube was trouble free and went faster than I had expected. I am now enjoying faster cuts and engraving!

If anybody has any questions regarding this upgrade, feel free to contact me.

@rinconchuck , are you sure it is RECI 100W tube? The Reci 100W should have length about 1.4M (55.5") as opposite to 1.2M (47.5") which is a 80W tube. But a lot of seller or manufacturer nowaday like to use 'rated' power. They will rate the 80W to 90W, same thing happen to SPT. May be technology got improvement, otherwise 1.2M long tube should be a 80W (may be 90~95W peak)