Hi guys,

I've got the majority of a Raptor sitting unassembled in my garage; I ordered it and received it several years ago, but life and other financial priorities took precedence. I have the full metalwork/table/Z-axis/mounting plate, and have the spindle picked out, but I'm missing two important bits of hardware.

First, the linear rail systems. Dimensions are easy enough (Just Measure), but I live in the EU so I want to source the rails locally. One of the local suppliers here (damencnc.nl) has HIWIN linear rails in various dimensions, but I'm unsure of which rails will fit the system, and what type of carriages are the right fit. I'm hesitant to order blind. I assume they're fairly standard 25mm rails, but the carriages come in a broad range of sizes and mounting hole configurations. Can anyone point me to the 'standard' type / products that are used for the Raptor by design, so I can look up the specs?

I'm also still pondering what kind of control and drive system to use (stepper vs. servo, controller, etc.), but that's something to worry about after I have a system that can actually be moved by a motor of some sort...

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