I have a one time personal project cutting EVA foam for Boat Decking. I bought an SST Drag Knife for the perimeter cuts. All the parts have 0.5" radius corners. The knife does great .....but .... understandably, it cuts the corners short. I realize this is the 'blade offset'.

I've been searching for 2 days now trying to find a software application to postprocess the g code. I'm using Draftsight 2d Premium & 3D premium. My machine is Mach 3 on a 5'x12' table. No luck there in their G code processors? And everything I have found would require buying expensive software that I'll never use again. And the thought of spending 2 days learning new software is a nightmare in itself.

Can someone explain what the Drag Knife post processor is doing to the code?? In my instance I'll have all the same type of cuts. Running from a straight line into a 0.5" radius. I don't have a problem inserting that offset command into a code file via a text paste. This whole process of searching for alternatives of price gouged software is getting boring and elongated. This ain't rocket science, it's just XYZ.

I'm almost ready to just finish the perimeter cuts with a .06" 2 flute but I'm pretty sure that self stick backing is going to gum that up pretty quick. I also have some .06" shank 0" diameter tipped 5 degree bevel bits I might try?

Any help creating the Drag Knife code will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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