Dear Friends, Hi.

I hope someone help me here or direct me somewhere which is helpful.
I have a Bridgeport milling machine with Heid410 controller. I work with PowerMill and there are some posts in the software as default.
I have changed some of Heidenhain 530 parameters in powermill postprocessor software.
It works perfect, but I have a issue that I don't know where to change it.

In drilling, when I use deep drill with pecking value, the machine goes with my feedrate into the hole, but when it retract, it uses maximum feedrate of my machine which is tooo high.
I have changed some options in drilling strategy but it makes no difference. My guess, it should be manipulate in its post, that order the machine do not use max feedrate.
Anyway, can anybody tell me where I can fix it?

Thank you.

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