i am using master cam and i have controller GSK 928 tea lathe i want to make program on master cam when i Generator G code and send the machine my machine not accept master cam G code file....

Master Cam Program..
N110 G0 T2020
N120 G18
N130 G97 S3600 M03
N140 G0 G54 X-18. Z5.
N150 G50 S3600
N160 G96 S550
N2980 G71 U.1 R.2
N2990 G71 P3000 Q3050 I0.1 K0.5 F.50
N3000 G0 X-2.2 S550
N3010 G1 Z-9.9
N3020 X-5.6
N3030 G2 X-6. Z-10.1 K-.2
N3040 G1 Z-11.1
N3050 X-16.
N3060 G0 Z5.
N3160 M30

At Controller (machine accept and work)
N0000 T0202
N0010 M3 S1000
N0020 G0 X-18 Z5
N0030 Z2
N0040 Z1
N0050 G72 X-2.2 I0.1 K0.3 P0080 Q0090 F115
N0060 G0 X-18
N0070 Z5
N0080 G1 X-2.2 F80
N0090 Z-9.9
N0100 G1 X-6
N0110 Z-11.1
N0120 G1 X-15
N0130 Z-12
N0140 G0 X-18
N0150 Z5
N0160 M30
advise me post processor or if any one give me post processor

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