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    Default Powermill and Laser 5-axis mach3


    first sorry for the bad English!

    I build a Post Processors for Powermil 2023 and Mach3 for 5 axis...

    [VIDEO=youtube;VAVbhW9Uh9o] [/VIDEO]

    and that is all work alright. But now I try to control my (led) laser also with Powermill.


    In mach3 I control the laser with a with an M10/M11 command and also that is working alright...

    In all my cam programs I change the post-processor. So by a G00 , also put a M10p3 in the g-code, and by a G01,G02 or G03 put a M11p3 in the g-code

    M10p3 make output3 (mach3) low, M11p3 make the output high.


    But now I want to do the same in Powermill 2023. So it takes a while, but now I have also in Powermill, by a G00 I get a M10p3 and by a G01,G02 or G03 i get a M11P3... so far okay...

    but I made some tests in Powermill , and in the G-code is only 1 G00? so powermill g-code move to an other place using G01? Is that normal?

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Powermill and Laser 5-axis mach3

Powermill and Laser 5-axis mach3