I adapt to your FAO = ??? (I would buy it) if you have a post processor Heidenhain 4 or 5 axes having the following result:
When using the 4th axis, the generated code is:
L X+0 Y+0 A+0 R0 FMAX
A =angle in degrees for the 4th axis divider A=0 ° (it's very simple)

Do you have a post processor generating this type of code with A?

Can you share it?

Can you give me a simple CAM CAM file using the 4th axis giving the code
example: L X+0 Y+0 A+0 R0 FMAX generated by your post processor
to be able to check if the post processor code works on my cn.

If so, I would be very very grateful.

If you help me 100% CAM software + post processor + help to implement the set (of course I'll pay you)
On your FAO I'm looking for:

2 axis single turning on FAGOR 8055T
2-axis turning + tools turning on FANUC 18 I

the ideal would be a well known CAM like: Mastercam, Esprit, solidcam etc ...

I thank you in advance


Nb: I am French