"It's not that I don't have the money to buy 3D printers, nor is it not interested in high-tech products. I just think that 3D printers are too cumbersome to operate." Xiao Wang, who is watching 3D printing with great interest at the technology exhibition, said that he really wanted to start one 3D printer, but with these concerns, it has not been purchased.

If you don't learn how to use the 3D printer, it's just a piece of furniture to buy it back. In the interview, the author found that many people hold such an idea.

In fact, the use of desktop 3D printers is far less complicated than we thought.

Then let me teach you a simple seven-step move below. After learning it will be easy to handle a 3D printer. Come and learn together about how the 3D printer operates.

Step 1: create a model
Some seniors have now developed a simple-to-create model of software. Not long ago, someone developed a technology. Children only need to draw on the iPad screen. This technology can automatically generate a 3D model of the child's paintings.
The modeling software that is commonly appeared on the market is not so magical, but it is also widely used by users, such as 3ds max. However, such software needs special learning for a period of time to really grasp. If you want to find a shortcut, the best way is to download the model from the Internet. Now there are many specialized 3D model download sites.

Step 2: Add the model
3D printers usually come with slicing software. On the main menu page, there will usually be an “add model” option. After clicking, the model we created or downloaded will automatically appear in our 3D printing space.

Step 3: To choose layered slices
In the main menu, there will be a “layered slice” option. This function is mainly to help us to decompose the printing process of the printer. The user can preview the entire printing process in advance in the software. After clicking, you can see some changes in the model.

Step 4: Drag the layered preview scrollbar
Drag the layered preview scroll bar and the software can display the image of each layer based on the parameter values. We know the principle of FDM printing technology, in fact, through the layered material accumulation to achieve the entire model. Through the preview, you can intuitively observe how the model is generated layer by layer.

Step 5: Add support
Some parts of the model are important to add some support. Such as the horns of elk. At this time, we can add a support to the appropriate part of the model. When printing, the printer will also print out the part of the support. Later, we can remove the support by some methods. Some of the support is made of water-soluble material, and the later removal is well handled.
Slicing software generally supports manually adding support and automatically adding support. The support is added automatically, and the system automatically judges how to add support in certain locations based on the model you are printing.

Step 6: Connect the printer
Select "Connect Printer" to connect our computer to the printer. Of course, some printers support offline printing, such as Hongrui's 3D printers. Only need to send the model file to the SD card in advance, and then insert the SD card into the slot of the printer. After the printer reads the file correctly, it can be printed.

Step 7: Start printing
Before you start printing, you need to check the model information again to ensure that the parameters of the model are correct. Click on the main menu to select model information. The second is to ensure that the model does not exceed the print range of the more types. For example, if the print size of the machine is 300mm*260mm*300mm, then we must ensure that the model is within this size range.

Finally, we need to set the temperature of the print head and the printing plate. In the earlier machines, we generally need to heat it to a certain temperature in advance and enter a ready-to-print state. Now most of the model print heads can heat up quickly, so we generally do not Need to "preheat" this process, but still set a good temperature in advance.

During the printing process, we can also visually observe the temperature status and changes of the print head and the printing plate in the printing process.

In the end, it is time to harvest results and joy.

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