I have said many times that I really do enjoy working with the DesignEdge software, and even the PlasmaCam tables. When they cut well, they cut well!

I took a breather for a a little over a year after selling the retail store on Main St. in the town square. Now after a summer of chaos that did not turn out at all like I had hoped, I am back at my home again with my machines.

I sold off three of my PlasmaCam machines, two GoTorch machines and a Samson 510 table. I had the other two tables listed on eBay, but ran out of time before my summer tour began, so they sat here collecting dust from June through December. Maybe that was fate. I spent some time doing one-on-one training of DesignEdge, and I am once again inspired to see what I can actually DO with these two remaining tables.

If I can find the motivation to get out there to cut and create, then I will keep them. But if that boat has sailed, then I will sell off the remaining two tables and move to the laser I was drooling over at FabTech 2019 in Chicago.

I am still doing training sessions at private homes and small businesses. I have one coming up in Georgia in a couple of weeks. I enjoy doing that, but it is basically a break even proposition, as the costs of travel, hotel, food, fuel, vehicle wear, etc. and maintaining my home in my absence is just about exactly what I charge to go do a session. I don't do it for profit. I do it for FUN!

As they say in Kentucky, "All y'all have a very Merry Christmas!"


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