I have a problem with this BOB. I made all the settings according to the instructions, but the USB is occasionally lost, making it slow.
I am interested in how to connect THC
WIN7 / 63 (tried with other versions as well as different computers)
ST-USB Motion Card 4
Mach3/Plugins -> RnMotion.dll

Problem PCI driver:

St-usb motion card_THC-1-jpg St-usb motion card_THC-2-jpg St-usb motion card_THC-3-jpg St-usb motion card_THC-20190722_155026-jpg St-usb motion card_THC-20190722_155212-jpg St-usb motion card_THC-20190722_155238-jpg St-usb motion card_THC-06_595_17_1024x1024-jpg

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