Hello everyone,

at the begin I want to apologize for my english - I know it's not perfect. I want to show you my last closed project - my testing 4 axis plasma cutter:

This machine was built to achieve few goals:
1. Managing of LinuxCNC with THC controller
2. Learning some cheap CAM software for 4-axis (if I find one)
3. Managing electronic stuff like stepper motor controllers
4. Check quality of my contructions ideas like support mechanism.
5. Cut some small parts to prove my skills

I did almost everything except last thing. Altough I cut something it doesn't look like I expected. But I'm happy because I managed THC controller with LinuxCNC (of course I didn't do it by myself from scratch. I downloaded some plugin from PL forum, autor of plugin is Tom Berisha https://forum.linuxcnc.org/49-basic-...fig-that-works)

I had to add 4th axis. For some n00b like me it was good experience to get to know LinuxCNC. Configuration was also difficult and that makes my feeling good as well.

The machine isn't big. I would say it's funny small. I can cut on it max ca. 300mm long profiles with dimensions 35x35. But as I said before it was produced to check some goals. I didn't want to earn some money by cutting some parts.

Most parts were printed by me. That's why I can't cut in 4 axis becuase this parts aren't enough precise. That's why I can't put concentric support mechanism with spindle - it's the biggest failure.

Plasma generator is the cheapest one I found in internet. That's why cut quality is really bad.

If you have some questions then write to me. I will answer you as soon as possible. If you want to see more pictures please visit my website: Próba przecinarki plazmowej 4 osiowej – e-mechanicus.pl .

Right now I invite you to see some movies and picture.

Best regards

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