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    Smile CNC plasma table build

    I am putting together a plasma table and I'm not sure how to wire a limit switch for a floating head. I am new to CNC, so I'm still learning.
    I have a 5 axes bob board from eBay. I am putting a Proma THC on and it takes P12,P13,P15 Not sure were to wire in for a floating head
    limit switch also not exactly sure how to set it up in Mach3 as well. Would love it if someone could help me out.
    Ive add a pic of my breakout board as well. Thanks

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    Default Re: CNC plasma table build

    Simply wire a micro switch one wire to your probe input and other to ground. Any available input on your BoB will work as long as you set Mach ports and pins correctly for it.
    I hook mine to the probe input. I use and recommend sheetcam and the switch offset distance is simply entered in the post processor settings. You can add your own macro to do the same thing in Mach.
    There is a bit more information on the floating head setup at Proma's web site here: Plasma - detection of material

    A little additional searching on the forum should provide you with all your answers, as it's been covered a number of times already.

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CNC plasma table build

CNC plasma table build