Offset change with usbcnc controller, looking for advice

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Thread: Offset change with usbcnc controller, looking for advice

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    Default Offset change with usbcnc controller, looking for advice

    I use an xcarve at a local makerspace. We use Vcarve for the design/gcode and then cnc usb controller to actually run the machine. Periodically someone who doesn't know what they're doing messes with the settings, the machine tries to tear itself apart, and they they just leave without telling anyone there was a problem or what they were messing with, and I get to spend half a day trying to find what was done and put the machine back in working order. I'm a pretty basic user but there isn't anyone more knowledgeable on the machine so it falls onto me.

    The latest 'mystery' from last night, the controller takes the Gcode and shifts it on the workpiece. For example if I have a 12x12 piece and a 2" circle set to be cut out of the center. In vcarve everything is correct but once the controller has it, it shows the 12x12 piece, but the circle is now shifted an inch to the side, and the cut is also an inch to the side. It wasn't doing it the day before and I didn't catch it until it made a piece of expensive scrap wood. I spent much of last night trying to find a setting in the software that would give the offset but obviously I was not successful. Flipping back and forth and reloading the files into vcarve shows that it's correct, until it's in the hands of the controller.

    Any idea as to where to look would be appreciated.

    Also, once corrected is there a way to just lock all the setting in place to keep the yahoos from messing around and I can quit doing this?

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    Default Re: Offset change with usbcnc controller, looking for advice

    From what I read in your post, you have a problem with previously set offsets. Maybe you also have other issues, such as with homing, lost steps, etc., however, the core issue seems to be related to the use of offsets.

    Your current "work position" apparently includes an offset set by a prior user.

    The first thing I would try would be to clear offset values using Machine / Work Position / Offset / To Zero. Once this has been completed, "work" and "machine" position values for X, Y and Z should be all zero (check the DRO to verify).

    I think it would be unwise to "lock-out" offsets, since they are incredibly useful for machine setup and operation. A better solution might be to follow a start-up routine to clear offset values prior to the start of any new job. This would require little time or effort, and would eliminate surprises - especially on a shared machine.

    Good luck.


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Offset change with usbcnc controller, looking for advice

Offset change with usbcnc controller, looking for advice