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    So I've been using Planet CNC software for about 6 months. Everything was running smooth until today. When in the middle of a run my z axis motor wire was getting caught somehow. So I paused the program and fixed the wire but I unplugged it. The software gave me an error that my controller was disconnected. Eventually I realized that everything got messed up, no biggie I would just re home and start the program again. But the z axis box was shaded red and would not work. Eventually it started to work but remained shaded red. I homed the machine but the z was off, x and y were okay, z remained shaded red. Like a moron I left clicked on the x and y axis boxes and they turned red. It sent my cursor on the software to my zero, zero. I zeroed my work offset and reset my x, y, and z but for some reason the work will not follow it. It remains at my zero,zero. All axis boxes are still red.


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    Not sure what you got going on Gdog ... I would try another approach and reset your X, Y and Z axis using the MDI and G-Code instead.

    Assuming that you are using TNG ... jog your machine close to your table's normal datum position of X0 Y0 and lower your Z somewhat past midway. At this point don't worry what the X,Y or Z numbers on the Motors, Machine or Work tabs say.

    The next step is to reset the controller's motor position of all three axis to 0 without moving from the current position by typing G10 L9 X0 Y0 Z0 into the MDI. Click on both Motors and Machine tabs and verify that all axis are now set at 0. From here reset the working offset position to match that of the Motors and Machine by typing G92 X0 Y0 Z0. Click on the Work tab and make sure that all those axis are set to 0 as well. Now motors, machine and work positions should be back at zero for X,Y and Z. From here you should be able to home your machine as you normally do.

    I hope this helps.

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Messed Up My Axis

Messed Up My Axis

Messed Up My Axis