Rotary Table Controller debugging.

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Thread: Rotary Table Controller debugging.

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    Default Rotary Table Controller debugging.

    Hi guys,

    I had to do many deviding table jobs in the past that became more complicated.
    I designed in time a simple all-in-one Standalone Rotary Table Controller to do my work.
    Especially the Next-sensor and Limit-sensor are implemented to prevent damage to my lathe and mill.
    This site "" helped me before with my thread "How to program the formula for decimal degrees when using a rotary table?".
    Thanks for that guys. I solved that problem and added a new mode "Continuous" for gluing and welding purposes. Works fine for me.
    But now a former employer wants 3 of my controllers for his production work!?
    I´m not an expert at all and urge you all to criticise my Rotary Table Controller so I can eliminate all bugs you´ll find, so I can maintain a good reputation I hope

    Here is a picture of the Rotary Head Controller.

    This is a quick overview video link of the controllers recent updated version.

    (Some other video´s have demo´s that shows detailed info if needed use lower right YouTube-icon)

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Rotary Table Controller debugging.

Rotary Table Controller debugging.

Rotary Table Controller debugging.