Hey guys and gals!

This is my very first post here, so forgive me if I miss something or get something wrong. -8.411 -8.5??

I am having an issue with my tool lengths changing in-between cut files on my Laguna Smart Shop 2. Ive been dealing with this for a while now and have done everything I can think of to correct it.

The latest process:

I changed over the spoil board yesterday before leaving to have it all ready for this morning. Booted up the SmartShop and proceeded to touch off all the tools and measure spoil board. My main profile tool #5 measured length is -8.411. When that was all done I exported a profile cut file (testcut.prg) to check the depth/tool length. This has been the issue for a while.

It ran perfect, cutting through the material and into the spoil board .01-.02 as I told it to do in VCarve.

I then exported the whole file tool changes and all. When it got the the 2nd to last tool path, which is an inside profile cut on the same file I used for the test cut in vcarve, it was cutting into the spoil board roughly .1"-.2". I turned to my Cnc screen and looked at the current tool length and it said -8.5??. I let it finish the last cut and stopped the machine and homed it. When I look at tool #5 again after the machine was stopped, tool #5 said length was -8.411.

So for some reason the machine is changing tool lengths in between files. What might be happening here? Is it the machine or is it the files coming from vcarve?

My opinion is that its the machine. The same thing happen 2 days ago with my Vbit length but I didn't catch the length numbers to compare. It started to cut into the material and I got worried it was going in to deep as it started to plunge. I stopped the machine quickly all to realize it was file. I homed the machine and started the exact same file, DID NOT re-export from VCarve, literally hit run on the same file. This time it didnt even cut into the material at all. It did the tool path hovering a hair over the material. Literally nothing changed with the file, but the tool length changed in the machine for some reason.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I currently have a support ticket open with Laguna, and waiting on a call back but needing to figure this out pretty quick-- as it is eating into production time with my business.

Thank you thank you thank you!

- Aaron

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