I'm new here on this forum and in the world of cnc stuff.
I bought a diy cnc machine from China.
The DIY 2418 machine, I wish to use it to make my prototype pcb at home before I send it out to
make professional pcb's...

For creating the pcb I use the NI Ultiboard software.
For generating the gcode I use the Flatcam software.
I use the GRBL Candle software to send out the gcode.

Everything is fine jut a few things are making me crazy!

1. In Ultiboard I can't export the excellon drill file but I can export a drill .gbr file.
How can I use this gbr file for drilling my pcb ?

2. In the Candle software, there is a "Heightmap" option.
This option is working well, but I don't know is it enough just to measure the
PCB deviation with the Heightmap option and just send out the gcode?
Or I have to do some other tasks with the Heightmap result before I send out the gcode?
There is also a checkbox in the Heightmap window "Use Heightmap" but this is non-stop gray - disabled.

Will this function automatically correct the Z depth when I try to mill my pcb after I measured the surface

What I doing wrong?

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