Hi guys,

I’m looking at making a 2-Axis blower in my job. Basically shaped like goalposts, for blowing out sheets of polycarbonate.

I want to use 2x 12V stepper motors, with lead screws for driving each axis. I want to run them off an Arduino, as we will need different programs setup over time. I also want to put a proximity sensor on the bracket, so the machine will be able to detect where it needs to start before starting.

For the electronics;
- 2 12V stepper motors.
- 2 drivers for the motors.
- 24V power supply.
- Proximity sensor
- Safety relay.

Am I missing anything off this list, except buttons.. etc. (more than likely am).

This will be my first project, so please any help/insight is greatly appreciated as I’m eager to learn!

Thanks in advance.

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