That's the machine of discussion.

From what I've been told, the machine was shipped to us already set up and tested, our machine guy reassembled what they disassembled for shipping, tested it, everything worked fine, then he put the huge metal cover over the spindle/entire z axis, and suddenly it won't stop with the Z-Axis overload-protection error.

It has Weihong WSDA Servo Drivers, a Weihong Lambda S4 controller, and using NcStudio Phoenix 2.04.

I've worked out so many problems with this machine over the past few weeks, but I just can't get it to stop with the Error 160.

I've also tried reaching out to the manufacturer of both the machine and electronics to no avail.

Here's a link to the servo driver manual for anyone interested:

If it isn't already clear to anyone reading, I'm pretty new to all this. I have zero training and I'm 100% self-taught. This is also not the first Chinese machine I've had to get functioning.

It's difficult to find info about my particular electronics and how I can go about troubleshooting, but when I try to google the problem more broadly, most everything I can find say that it has something to do with power. Whether it's too much, too little, and the various causes. So I guess if that's the case, confirmation would be nice, and the steps I should take to troubleshoot and remedy the situation.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post, I appreciate you.


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