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Thread: Dxf2gcode question...?

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    Question Dxf2gcode question...?

    Does anyone here know anything about dxf2gcode? There appears to be no help or instructions on the web - the wiki page just lists the headings of the parameters without specifying what they do.

    In particular, I am having problems with the Z axis. The generated G code makes the Z axis go up and down like a yo-yo. There are several parameters in the set-up:

    1 - Retraction Co-ordinate
    2 - Safety Margin
    3 - Work-piece origin Co-ordinate
    4 - Slice Depth
    5 - Final Mill depth

    I guess that these refer to

    1 - Height that the tool can move at
    2 - ?
    3 - height of top of work-piece
    4 - depth for each slice
    5 - maximum depth that tool should go.

    But when I fill these in with sensible figures, the Z axis seems to rise and fall by varying amounts which seem to depend on a calculation using these figures. I am doing a simple 2-D cut, I simply want the tool to retract to -10 for movement and drop to -14 for cutting (absolute). What should I fill in to achieve this?

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    Default Re: Dxf2gcode question...?

    Haven't used it personally and as you say, doesn't seem to be a lot of information for this.

    There is a user guide at: https://sourceforge.net/p/dxf2gcode/...e%20DXF2GCODE/
    which also has a link to a user forum.

    If your intent is to read DXF files and generate GCode, there are other options.

    A lot of folks use Fusion 360, vCarve [Pro] and there are others:

    Have a look at some of these:

    SimplyCam: MR-Soft Nc Software Tools

    GrblGru: The Author does not have a web site but the software package is very interesting: https://www.dropbox.com/s/278a8a5uu9...anual.pdf?dl=0

    A few samples of Linux tools: LinuxCNC Documentation Wiki: Simple LinuxCNC G-Code Generators

    Is there something specific you are trying to do?

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Dxf2gcode question...?

Dxf2gcode question...?

Dxf2gcode question...?