I recently acquired OneCNC's One2000 Lathe software.

Wowee! After working for years in Bobcad, I never realized what could be accomplished with a good dedicated lathe software package. To be honest, I never did really gain control of Bobcad's built in lathe pocketing routines. There was an explanation in the manual about how to do it, but I couldn't remember it for more than 15 minutes and I was using it every half hour

Anyways, I just simply got by previously, by drawing my own toolpaths.

In One2000 Lathe, it actually matters what shape tool you are using, and it is easy to customize the tool shape and clearances in a dialog, no painstaking tool drawings to do. The software automatically uses these parameters to prevent gouging.

Plus, there are routines built in for parting and grooving. And, lo and behold, everything gets properly simulated, as is commonplace in all the Onecnc products I have used.

Using the One2000 hole drilling cycle was a little different than I was used to. It basically supplants the standard G81 or G83 cycle format with a "long version" of the same procedure, which then displays step by step in the simulator, what and how it is doing to make the hole.

Of course, if you'd rather use standard machine cycles, you can also just set that up in the "custom code" area. You'll have to fill in the parameters yourself though, there is not yet an "interactive wizard" to handle that function, such as exists in the new OnecncXP mill software.

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