Hi all,
Going to try keep it short and sweet about this machine, so here we go.

Purchased a LB15 II with OPS7000 control 7 years ago as a non running machine, I had mammal idea on what I was doing but diagnosed several faults and replaced a few boards and had a TFP alarm that I couldn't get passed. Money got short and I parked on working on until recently.

In this time fame I ran a workshop equipped with Doosan's and worked closely with the service techs and got a good education on how to repair and fault finding. Living in the north of Australia and the techs being a 2hr flight away, they were always happy to talk me through the procedures to save a a plane flight and hotels costs for the owners.

Now I've left that workshop and started my own business, I'm keen to get the LB15 in service.
So here is a list of problems I occurred yesterday.

Fired machine - control alarmed at "1-3 CPU Alarm BUS ERROR (CYCLE OVER ) the bus error status = 20 unfortunately I didn't get a photo of the control in this state to get all the other numbers.

Did note the memory status was 0000, so guessed the cpu battery's were dead and it's lost it's parameters. So tried to reload parameters as per the manual as I have all the floppy disc's.

Whilst following procedure the control gave a message that battery's need to be changed before it would proceed. Quick trip to town to get battery's, reinstalled whilst control was powered and in "Install Mode" immediately after walked back to the control panel and dead.

Now the CPU power supply had 2 red led's lit that was perfect 2 minutes prior - "OUTPUT ALARM" led and +/- "12V OUTPUT" led.

Pulled power supply from rack the check internal fuse is good. Reinstalled PS to rack and read OSP manual on these alarms, apparently cycling the power at the breaker is the fix. Nope...

Now I really want to educate myself on this machine and unfortunately okuma's manuals are very vague with alarm info. What has me baffled is the CPU battery's are just a back up for when power is off, how dose inserting a fresh set cause a fault in the system? And I'm stuck to know where to look next to chase this fault.

Any info will be greatly appreciate and as I come to a problem I'd love to document it for other in my position to learn as well.

Cheers Vince

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