We had a tapping head in the spindle and because of a mistake the orientation arm of the tapping head was in the path of the tool change arm. As the tool changing arm came around to grab the tool from the spindle the orientation arm of the tapping head was in the way and was too large to grab. The tool changing arm jammed on the tapping head and stopped. The main contactor MS1 tripped and the machine stopped. But there was no alarm generated.
We turned off the machine and reset the main contactor MS1, restarted the machine and tried to use M59 then M81 through MDI but it would not respond.
After relieving the pressure on the tool in the spindle we were able to manually move the tool changer arm out of the way.
Here is where we are right now:
Cannot home the machine in the Z axis but the machine will home X and Y.
Tried to manually eject the tool from the spindle but no response.
I tried an M19 but no response.
I tried to set the RPMs to the low gear but no response. The machine is in high gear and M3 will work in high gear only.
Tried to call up a tool in the tool magazine, the tool pot went horizontal and the magazine indexed so we’re all good there.
The Omron PLC has the alarm light flashing

So far I'm stuck but I'm sure with a little help i can get this resolved. I've tried to find a CNC Service Tech who can help but no luck. I assume the lack of interest is due to the age of the machine being late 80s.
Anyone have any ideas? Know of a good "Okuma&Howa" service company or technician? Or just a good Tech who can help?
I'm at a stand still and need this machine back, ANY help is greatly appreciated.

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