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    Recently we moved our MX-55VB with a OSP-10M Control across the building. Once everything was set back up, our DNC-B has stopped working. We've ordered a new cable which arrived today, and still are having issues. Getting the "DNC-B Operation 306" Alarm often. Currently the software and the parameters under the CMPS match, such as the baud-rate, stop bits, etc. But my boss insisted that our IT guy take a look and I have no idea if he changed any parameters under the bit, word, or long word sections. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Well the obvious thing is to ask your IT guy if he changed anything...;-) I would guess that he did not since he probably wouldn't even know how to get into the CMPS parameter display pages. When you say you ordered a new cable, did you order it with the custom pin outs required to make an Okuma work or was it an off the shelf cable? I would suspect cabling first since all you did was move the machine. Setting everything back up means what? Did it have it's own PC and cable that went with it or did it get connected to a more central system used throughout the building? I'd suggest getting a local PC to test out your cable doing simple download and then upload the same file. Once you prove the cable works, then concentrate on the DNC system. Do you have another Okuma with a working cable/connection that you could swap with to prove out?

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