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    Where I work we have an Okuma MCR-BII double column machine with U100M control. I am looking for some way to know if I can activate the DNC, because the machine does not have the option in the button that the manual mentions.

    I have read that the DNC is optional in this type of machine, so I really don't know if it has it, previously this machine was in the Japanese language, and the software was changed to the English language.

    I thought that probably the machine has disabled the DNC function with some parameter.

    I have some manuals downloaded from the internet, but they are not entirely clear to answer my question.

    I attach two images where you can see the difference between what the manual has and what our machine has.

    If anyone can help me I would really appreciate it.

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    The DNC-B option that you have requires both hardware and software options in order to run. They will normally add a solid state hard drive to the machine of about 500mb as part of the upgrade. Considering that your control is 4 generations old, the chances that the hardware is still available is slim. Your local Okuma rep can probably still get the software thru Okuma, but the hardware may be discontinued. You will also be asked to get out a thick wallet...5-10K??

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Okuma OSP U100m DNC Parameter

Okuma OSP U100m DNC Parameter

Okuma OSP U100m DNC Parameter