G'day guys,
Unfortunately for me I learnt CNC late in life and I learnt on Mazak which I now know is one of the easiest to learn on even though at the time having never done any CNC it was a very steep learning curve to self teach even with the aid of these forums. Now I find myself having to learn G & M code on a mid 80's Okuma bridge mill and the Okuma programming manual leaves a lot to be desired and also i'm not sure of what options I have to play with. The machine is a MCV-A with the OSP5000 controller. I have managed to get a simple pecking cycle working after spending a lot of time trying to work out how to do the work offsets which would normally be G54 etc but isn't on this controller.
So I have a couple of questions.
1 Is there any way of finding what options are on this machine?
2 Does anyone have or can point me to some sample programs especially circular pocket milling without the area milling option (I tried programming with the limited info in the manual for the area milling option but wouldn't work so i'm not sure if it was because it doesn't have the option or I was doing something wrong.


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