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    Default P300SA Graphic Simulation Problem

    Hello and sorry for my english

    I have a little problem with Graphic 2D/3D Simulation on OSP-P300SA

    So... if i start REAL my program, graphic simulation work great.

    Now, if i block the machine and i try the simulation of the same program, work great.

    Problem is if i try to start a simulation without try first time the program in real condition.

    I look the graphic of all the Tool only vertical or horizontal. If B axis is REAL vertical, i look all in vertical. If B axis is REAL horizontal, i look all the graphic horizontal.

    So, only the first time i try the simulation i have this issue.

    Any solution?

    Thank you really so much and sorry for my english.

    (in CAS i look all good, only in 2D/3D simulation i have this problem)

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    Default Re: P300SA Graphic Simulation Problem

    hy andytpks, i have used available graphics a while ago, but meanwhile i have seen that there are faster methods to check a setup

    what i remember, for osp300, is that there are 2 graphics libraries, that are, somehow, interlinked :
    ... the one configured inside the 3d model, that is registered to turret posts, then being used by cas
    ... the one configured inside igf

    if i remember correctly, cas & animation, use the same graphic library ( but on older cnc models, animation was using codes that were spit by igf )

    in your case, it seems that B axis position is always displayed ok in cas, but in animation it requires to have the programmed allready executed

    ... cas & program execution are co-related, thus you can't run one without the other ( well, you can disable one of them, like turning cas off, or using the machine in lock-mode, but still the co-relation will be there )
    ... animation is not related to cas, nor to program execution, but to motion simulation; it is possible that it displays the motion correctly, but the real axis position is not updated, unless the program was executed before

    Any solution?
    if you run the machine only in "lock-mode", then "in animation", try to run it before in "lock-mode & dry-run", so to shorten the wasted time

    i am not sure, but i believe that maybe you are experiencing an issue with wcs-update ?! i don't know, i would need to see more details about what's happening, like, for example, share a short video, capture your screen

    but, if you use cas, why do you also bother with animation ? kindly

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P300SA Graphic Simulation Problem

P300SA Graphic Simulation Problem

P300SA Graphic Simulation Problem