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Thread: Droop Control Okuma (G65/G65)

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    Default Droop Control Okuma (G65/G65)

    Hello all,

    We run Okuma's in our shop ((OSP 7000, OSP U100). And for cutting splines we use droop control (G65) without really knowing why. Is there somebody on the forum who can explain we a littel more about droop control and when to use is. The handbooks are very limited on information about this setting.

    Thanks in advance


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    Default Re: Droop Control Okuma (G65/G65)

    hy jphk

    if you wish, pls check these 2 threads about splines on okuma :

    this okuma forum is pretty good ( it has flowers, pencils, coffee, etc ):

    about g65 :

    short story : exact stop ( some say that a cnc may work in "exact stop mode" or in "constant velocity mode"; if you know this, is ok, so to have the fundaments to develop, because truth is in-between and beyond )

    long story : customer never requires for a part to have exactly diameter o50, but o50±0.10eq; if the cutting process is much more stable than ±0.10, then one would say that the machine is ok for that part

    a technical drawing has tolerances, so to tell what deviations are allowed, because o50±0.00....00010 is not possible

    is all about tolerances ...

    now, check this code :
    ... N1 G00 X300 Z150
    ... N2 T0303
    ... N3 G97 S M42 M08
    ... N4 G00 X100 Z2.5
    ... N5 G01 Z-100 F G95
    ... N6 G00 X300 Z150

    i have a task for you : please draw the toolpath for the above code, and highlight how you believe that the machine moves among it ( where it is at N1, N2, ... N6); a toolpath is a series of geometrical entities(lines, arches), but how is the machine moving among them? is the toolpath the same as the motionpath ?

    i have a few questions for you :
    ... when the machine starts to execute block N5, what is the real position of the machine ?
    ... when the machine starts to execute block N6, what is the real position of the machine ?

    my dear jphk, think tolerances

    if you wish, i will continue to explain futher, but i need to know what you understand so far

    The handbooks are very limited on information about this setting.
    information may be ambiguous, especially if :
    ... original japanese manual is not written in detail
    ... translation to english, or whatever other language, is done by goolgle, in a rush, and not by a technician

    generally, you read a mot-a-mot translation, and not a "meaning"

    when it comes to okuma, the osp has many motion control parameters(basic & advanced), and some parameters on lathes are <> mills, but in the end, is the same thing / kindly

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    Default Re: Droop Control Okuma (G65/G65)

    When droop control is on, the machine positions to within the droop parameter value before proceeding to the next block. It will slow down the feed rate if it needs to in order to maintain the accuracy. This will make corners much more exact rather than producing rounded corners due to servo following error.

    As a rule of thumb, turn off for roughing to get speed, turn on for finish pass to get excellent shape. It only affects cornering velocity.

    Best regards,

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