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    hello a few minutes ago, i saw that some regional okuma websites had been recently redesigned, and a lot of information ( especially details about okuma's specifics ) is missing; maybe is a temporary thing

    even before, information available on some websites was not shared also by others

    so i decided to look over japan website, where i found this ( check also links below ) :
    ... hyper surface ( for a given trajectory, with n points, super-nurbs tries to calculate a toolpath that can be executed at higher-speeds, allowing a deviation from the initial trajectory that is specified by a parameter; when the toopath deviates, it simply cuts corners, so to achieve cornering at higher radius, thus higher speeds; in slalom skiing, you have to skii between some flags as fast as possible; each skier has a different route, and the fastest skier is not skiing among the shortest route; imagine that you take the route of the fastest skier, and you add more flags to it, knowing that this won't affect overall time, at least theoretically speacking, and now you tell him to re-run this route ... well, his time will be longer, because he has to process more flags/seconds, and he no longer see's the way far ahead; he needs to remove the useless flags, and this is what hyper-surface does : is dehoting a cloud of points, accordingly to a desired cinematic; as a result, the basic super-nurbs will go faster )
    ... armroid ( because nobody wanna work anymore; maybe is cheaper to get a kuka robot )
    ... nc gage ( gauging macros from okuma; this is a bit old, but new for me )
    ... automatic feed-axis diagnostics ( i don't know exactly what this does )


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latest okuma's innovations

latest okuma's innovations