I started the machine several weeks ago now. It booted up normally, but for only less than 60 seconds before it displayed the ERROR 065 P in the title of this post. Every time I restart I get one or the other of the 8 digit codes above. I checked everything for good connections including the main boards. I happened to have a spair Main ECP board with software loaded, so I changed it. I got the same errors. I swapped the two SVP boards and got the same errors. I swapped the X and Y axis Amps and got the same errors. I checked all encoder connrctions through the Power inlet electric cabinet and the control cabinet, with no change. I disconnected the Z axis encoder to see if there was a way to check the 12 volts it should see, but found no way to identify the wires. I did notice that the encoder was a "F" type although my prints say they are "E" type.

My question is how do I check to see if I am getting 12 volts to the encoders and/or is that the right thing to be look for? I feel like I'm running in circles and overlooking the real problem. The machine is old, but only has 5000 hours. It looks like new.

I would greatly appreciate any advice on how to recover this machine.



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