So i'm still new to the Okuma world. I'm coming from the HAAS and Fadal world.

I can't get the tool lengths to read on my Okuma. They all read correctly if I set each individual tool on every different part or setup. The way i'm used to doing it is setting up each tool off the table then using the Z work offset. My Okuma isnt doing this. I don't know if my G-Code is correct or even what the G-code is for pulling up the Z offset.

1. set each off off the table and insert into tool table
2. touch one tool off the part and insert into work Z offset.

but no matter what I do it still think that the Z zero is off the table. is there a G-Code to pull up the tool length table seperate from the Z work offset?

here is a short sample to the G-code mastercam is posting out

N10 G15 H01
N20 M06 T01
N30 M8
N40 M03 S2667 T05
N50 X10. Y10.
N60 G56 H01 Z10.
N70 G00 X.4094 Y-.2938
N80 Z2.
N90 G71 Z2.
N100 G81 X.4094 Y-.2938 Z-.05 R.1 F6.4
N110 X1.5906 Y-.2938
N120 G80 M53
N130 M9
N140 Z10.
N150 X10. Y10.
N160 M06 T05
N170 M1
N180 M8
N190 M03 S647 T09
N200 G56 H05 Z10.
N210 G00 X.4094 Y-.2938
N220 Z2.
N230 G71 Z2.
N240 G83 X.4094 Y-.2938 Z-1.0098 R.1 Q.06 F5.2
N250 X1.5906 Y-.2938
N260 G80 M53
N270 M9
N280 Z10.
N290 X10. Y10.
N300 M06 T09

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