This happened to me 22 years ago when I bought this used.
OKK PCV40 (1986)
Serial 144
Mitsubishi M86 Control

I let it sit long enough that the battery alarm came up. I powered it up and let it run for 2 days. Shut it down and the battery alarm cleared. Now I get an Emergency A/ Memory Parity Alarm.

I think I need to reinstall the Parameters as I recall, which I do have. What I am missing is the procedure for manually putting them in. I am being told I have to do a RAM Clear also. I have that info.

I'm asking here as Methods Machine has just taken OKK into it's fold and the Engineer I spoke with said they had some learning to do.

Because of this the drives to not fully energize. The indicators on top cards near the power leads that plug into them show green.

Please, anyone feel free to chime in. And thanks for allowing me to post this.