NM-135 Y-Axis bearing question

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Thread: NM-135 Y-Axis bearing question

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    Default NM-135 Y-Axis bearing question

    Hey guys. Planning on replacing the ball screws on x and y axis.

    I do not have parts diagram and I would like to know if anybody could help me.

    The parts list is showing 7006 and 7001 angular contact bearings on the Y axis. Is it 1 of each or 2?

    Novakon has been no help whatsoever. I understand it is an older machine but they don’t even reply to any of my emails.


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    I’m sorry to hear of your difficulties in reaching John at Novakon. He is normally fairly easy to reach, but he has been AWOL for at least two months. We - or at least me - are beginning to fear something might have happened to him.

    I also had no luck in finding any parts diagram for the NM-135.

    My Torus, which is mechanically an NM-145, uses a pair of identical angular contact bearings for each axis.

    The sizes of the two bearings you listed are wildly different from each other, which seems odd to me. I’m having trouble imagining how a bearing with a 30mm ID would be used.

    7001. 12mm ID x 28mm OD x 8mm Thick
    7006. 30x55x13

    Maybe you can partially disassemble the Y-axis to determine the number and size of the bearings needed? Or take some pictures and post them here.

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    Default Re: NM-135 Y-Axis bearing question

    It is a bit weird having 2 different bearing with different sizes. I read the draft manual I found online again and it specifically says to remove the 7006 bearing (Item 15), the 7001 (Item 30) and the spacers and washers.

    Before I bought this machine I contacted Novakon and got a reply from John within 1 day stating they would be able to provide drawings and manual no problem. After I got it I sent a few emails and never even got a reply. I tried again about a month ago and last week and still no reply. I will be in the market for a new machine very shortly if things keep going the way they are right now, I will definitely not consider Novakon unfortunately.


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NM-135 Y-Axis bearing question

NM-135 Y-Axis bearing question

NM-135 Y-Axis bearing question