With some disbelief, I noted that my machine, a Torus Pro, now has over 12,000 hours on it.
When I bought the machine, I thought I would be doing great if I got 2,000 hours on it.

In this time, the maintenance issues have been:
- gas springs, these wear out if you are using the Z-axis alot, which I do. I am on my 3rd spring
- new motion control board
- new x-axis control cable

and that is about it. Not counting way oil and shoveling chips as maintenance. The 'Toyota' of the smaller CNC mill world. And this for a machine that weighs less than 2,000 pounds.

Customer support, above and beyond the call from John Sandstrom of Novakon, once every 3rd year when I have a question that I cannot figure out by myself, he returns the phone call, and gets the problem fixed. Too bad the rest of my suppliers are not as thorough.

Thank you John.

Mark Zirinsky, Studio-Z, Denver, CO USA