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It gives us great pleasure to announce CKD Magazine. Dedicated to the CADKEY market, CKD Magazine is an online E-magazine to enhance and supplement user knowledge and training. CKD Magazine is free to the CADKEY community and will be supported by its website,

Published monthly beginning July 2003, each issue will highlight an area of CADKEY and related products, providing insight and tutorials. The magazine will be available in the Adobe Acrobat .PDF format. An email will be sent to each subscriber to inform them when each new issue is released. The magazine may be viewed online, downloaded for later viewing, or printed for casual reading at one’s convenience.

Our goal is to provide the CADKEY user with specific information to become more efficient in the use of CADKEY and related products. The whole idea of CKD Magazine is to provide a first-class resource for CADKEY users. “CADKEY Corp. has made a tremendous stride with the release of its new CADKEY version 21. But the market just isn’t aware of all the tools and capabilities of this great CAD system.” stated Mr. Joe Bucalo, President of Applied Production, Inc.

The first issue of CKD Magazine will be published the first of July. The focus of the July 2003 issue will be assemblies in CADKEY.

To subscribe, visit and fill in the subscription form.

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