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1: New USA made Taig 2019CR-ER Cnc Mill (This is the bigger taig mill)

1 year warranty on mill and electronics, no return accept

This includes 6 ER16 collets ( 1/16, 1/8, 3/16, 1/4, 5/16, 3/8 ) a Vise, and 2 End mills (1/8 & 3/16 inch) .

The Knob on the shaft (on the picture) is not included any more

This is a very robust and heavy machine 110 pounds of shipping weight

2: The controller features a 10 microstepping Gecko g540 stepper driver running at 48volts, 7.3A

Why is 48volts volts so important? Faster rapids and more power

Why is microstepping so important? Real smooth cuts

- Mid-band resonance compensation

- Auto standby current (70% current)

- Short-circuit protected

- Optoisolation on all LPT signal pins

- Two 1A at 0 to 50VDC rated outputs

- Four SPST to GND inputs (TTL)

- TRIM adjust for motor smoothness

- Easy to service, removable drives

- 10kHz watchdog timer (charge pump)

Stepper motors feature:

Low inductance: NEMA 270oz bipolar stepper motors for x, y, z

They produce quick rapids for faster production time

The bottom of the slot is ½ the opening or top of the slot is 1/4

X travel 12 inch

Y travel 5.5 inch

Z travel 6 inch

Spindle Motor  ¼ hp 1100-11,000 rpm

Continuous duty for all day operation 120volt

Double shaft Stepper X, Y, Z axes 270 oz in

Table size 3.5 x 18.5

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