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    Default RosettaCNC 1.8 Released

    The development team is pleased to announce version 1.8 of the RosettaCNC software downloadable from the download page:

    Download Page

    Changelog 1.8.5 vs 1.7.9

    • Improved UI features:
      • Added customization of Top Toolbar.
      • Added customization of Left Toolbar.
      • Added control bar with Main View and G-Code editor.
      • Added custom descriptions for User I/O and Analogic I/O.
      • Added customizable DRO View for Feed and Spindle panels.
      • Added DRO fields for Feed and Spindle as Motor Torque, etc.
      • Added custom descriptions for AUX/PLC/Advanced parameters.
      • Added units & descriptions for Input/Shared/System/Protected parameters.
      • Added new icon to describe Access Level feature is disabled.
      • Added new G-Code Analysis management.
      • Added new info pannel when Jog Soft Limits are disabled.
      • Added more digits for axis positions in Program and Machine view.
      • Added new File -> Open Application Data Folder.
      • Added setting to disable G-Code editing (read only).
      • Added new G-Code editor menu Resume From This Line.
      • Added new Functions -> Macro Management to view and crypt macros.
      • Added new Overrides controls for Feed X+ and Feed X- OVR.
      • Changed Resume button to be Resume From Pause or Resume From Stop.
      • Extended available space for the first catched Alarm Message.
      • Moved Overrides controls from Work panel in the new Overrides panel.
      • Improved G-Code editor as wil be reported below.
      • Improved management of compiling phases.
      • Improved 3D view modes in toolbar.
      • Fixed File -> Open Sample... to get right samples folder.

    • Improved Board Monitor management:
      • Improved Info panel with more info about CNC Board and Order Code.
      • Improved User Input panel info and features to force inputs state, etc.
      • Improved User Output panel info and features to force outputs state, etc.

    • Added multilanguage support for all custom texts.
    • Added new Fixed Distance with CTRL + Fast Click parameter for UI Jogs.
    • Added new sample macros to support new CNC Board features.
    • Added homing management for U/V/W-axis.
    • Added new Virtual Machine EVO-1000.
    • Completed support for mm/inches.
    • Improved DRO to show TCP positions for Program & Machine.
    • Improved ToolChange to support more MTC/ATC scenarios.
    • Improved ATC Management macros to work with Tool Change macro.
    • Improved panel to notice the state of feature Jog Soft Limits Disabled.
    • Improved Overrides management.
    • Improved Resume after STOP and Resume after STOP from line.
    • Improved EtherCAT Board CNC errors management.
    • Improved 3D management of transparency objects order.
    • Improved online update management.
    • Completed M166/M168 implementation and related #5740..#5755 params.
    • Added full support of Metric/Imperial units mode.
    • Added new Access Level locked features:
      • Edit of G-Code in the Program Editor.
      • Force of Digitals and Analogics I/O Values in Board Monitor.

    • Added new G-Code editor features:
      • Added auto-complete engine activable with ALT+Space.
      • Added customizable dictionary engine activable with CTLR+J.

    • Added Resume From This Line management.
    • Improved Resume from Stop and Start From Line management.
    • Improved interpolatator to support Motion Dynamics and Jerk Control.
    • Improved 3D Scene Engine:
      • Added new cursors for Pan/Rotate actions.
      • Added new View Modes as Initial View and User View Mode:
        • Front/Back/Top/Bottom/Left/Right/ISO 1..ISO 6/Custom View 1..4.

      • Fixed STLs ugly drawing when objects are very far from camera.

    • Improved ATC Management pannel:
      • Improved operations to manage all cases.
      • Improved macros to use named parameters.

    • Improved Virtual Machine Engine:
      • Added shader engine.
      • Added menu to Replace a geometry.
      • Added menu to Move a geometry in another machine/axis part.
      • Added scale parameter to resize geometries.
      • Added geometries contour edges management.
      • Added toolbar with geometry File Name and Triangles count.

    • Completed MDI integration to support all CNC features.
    • Improved MDI panel with more info about CNC states.
    • Improved GCode languange:
      • Added start.ngc macro called at program start.
      • Added restart.ngc macro called at program resume.
      • Added pallet_shuttle.ngc macro called at M30/M60 execution.
      • Added encrypted macro management.
      • Added G68.2: 3D plane rotation (arcs not supported).
      • Added G102: Homing request.
      • Added G103: Set traverse rate.
      • Added G104: Set interpolated motion dynamics.
      • Added M1: Program optional stop.
      • Added M48: Enable the feed rate and spindle speed override controls.
      • Added M49: Disable the feed rate and spindle speed override controls.
      • Added M50: Enable/disable the feed rate override control.
      • Added M51: Enable/disable the spindle override control.
      • Added M67: Read analog input.
      • Added M68: Set analog input.
      • Added M166: Read digital input group.
      • Added M167: Read analog input group.
      • Added #5081..5086: Current TCP position when restarting X..C.
      • Added #5091..5096: Last stop TCP position X..C.
      • Added #5127: Active Jerk.
      • Added #5128: Active max acceleration.
      • Added #5129: Active max deceleration.
      • Added #5136: Active feed override mode.
      • Added #5137: Active spindle override mode.
      • Added #5139: Active traverse rate.
      • Added #5730..#5739: User input values from M109 or M120.
      • Added #5740..#5759: Input values from M167.
      • Added new <> constants.
      • Added new <> constants.
      • Added new <#cnc.xx> constants.
      • Added new <> constants.
      • Added new <> constants.
      • Added new <> constants.
      • Added new <> constants.
      • Added new <> constants.
      • Improved M109 to permit multi-entry fields.
      • Improved compiling errors messages management.

    • Moved application data to user application data roaming folder.
    • Fixed Model transparency management.
    • Fixed issue in edit of some fields with decimal points.
    • Fixed and improved ATC Management interface to macros.
    • Fixed Virtual Machine transparency management for Model.
    • Fixed compiler issue with G43.2.
    • Fixed compiler issue with #100..499.
    • Fixed missing Tools Library save when modified with G10 L1 command.
    • Fixed visualizzation of M48/M49/M50/M51 states.
    • Fixed algoritm to enable Resume from this line action.
    • Fixed start axes limits check when G43.4 compensation is already active.
    • Fixed English and Italian translation texts.
    • Fixed reported issues.
    • Added new firmwares for Board-A/B 1.41:
      • Aligned features with INTERFACE LEVEL 8.
      • Added new Gantry axes management.
      • Added gantries management in case of set to "Use slave motor control".
      • Added new CNC Board state RETRACT.
      • Improved I/O management.
      • Improved Spindle management.
      • Improved Overrides management.
      • Improved Withdraw/Retract Tool at Stop management.
      • Fixed PAUSE input management.
      • Fixed dynamic offset management.
      • Fixed spindle state after a retract.
      • Fixed M166/M167 management.
      • Fixed setup data integrity management.
      • Fixed Alarm state when toolpath overlap software limits.
      • Changed Board-A/B OS to version 1.12.26:
        • Added new command to set software limits tolerance.
        • Updated profile generator to support new Jerk limitation.
        • Added point acceleration/deceleration set during interpolation.
        • Improved interpolation performances.
        • Fixed override management with little value changes.
        • Fixed stop command during a dwell command execution.
        • Fixed TCP speed calculation with some kinematic configurations.

    With RosettaCNC: YES YOU CAN DO!!!
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RosettaCNC 1.8 Released

RosettaCNC 1.8 Released

RosettaCNC 1.8 Released