For those who have already installed RosettaCNC 1.6.x it is now possible to update online 1.6.9.


  • Improved Antialiasing Levels from 4 to 7 (2x, 2xHQ, 4x, 4xHQ, 6x, 8x, 16x).
  • Improved GCode languange:
    • In Looping & Branching added ELSE in IF THEN.
    • In G65/G66 added local named parameter _args to get macro arguments.
    • In named parameters added new EXISTS[] check to know if parameter exists.

  • Probe Scanner 3D changes:
    • Added new Static Data Analysis panel with new post-scan filter options.
    • Probe Scanner 3D with Laser get more points to permit post-scan filter options.
    • Increased performance of data points acquiring phase.
    • Fixed 3D Probe Scanner STL Mesh file saving when file name contents dot chars.

  • Added support of X/Y/Z translations in master/slave main sections of VMs.
  • Added a warning message if W7/W8 OS is using System Font Size different than 96 DPI.

Improved Antialiasing Levels from 4 to 7 (2x, 2xHQ, 4x, 4xHQ, 6x, 8x, 16x)
The graphic quality of the route and the virtual machine has been increased thanks to the increase in Antialiasing levels from 4 to 7.

Improved GCode languange
The G language has been extended to support ELSE in IF THEN decision blocks.
Now within a macro / sub you can access the value of the arguments using the named parameters:

G65 P1000 A10 B20 X30

IF [# <_ args.A> GT 10] then ....

; or with standard FANUC access

IF [# 1 GT 10] then ...

Added the command EXISTS [] to know if a named parameter is already in use.

Probe 3D Scanner changes
Various improvements in the 3D scanning / 3D Surface flatness area, such as increasing the sampled points along the scan axis.
This allows you to get more details and be able to do post-processing of the scan through the new panel
Static Data Analysis .


Post-scan panel

Filtered scan result

Through the panel of Static Data Analysis it is possible to open scans made in the past, view them and operate new filtering technologies that will be promptly added to further software development.

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