Hello everyone.
I want to Introduce you our software for plasma/gas/water jet/laser cutting.
Mainly there are three main products that could be intersting to you.
PlasmaCalc - program for making pricing calculations - very reliable program that could save you lot's of time for making price calculations if you are making plasma/gas cutting for customers needs;
Plasmicon software
Plasma nest - program for making multimaterial nesting. Can make simple and effective nesting with no effort. Has many useful functions including nesting report;
Plasmicon software
PlasmaCalc&Nest in full version also include parametrized templates library that has "must have" templates for productivity increase:
  1. Circle
  2. Ring
  3. Lug
  4. Corner plate
  5. Rectangle
  6. Shim
  7. Round flange
  8. Rect flange
  9. Anchor plate
  10. Paddle
  11. Triangle comb
  12. Linear cut pattern

PlasmaPost - Postprocessor for plasma/gas cutting CNC (Best with Neuron THC). It can be used with mach3/UCCNC/Mach4. Allow to open DXF files right from CNC interface program and make postprocessing on the fly. Automatinc lead in's and out's placement; lot's of funtions like hole center mar up; overburn at the end; corner slowdown fuuction; corner loops; current lowering on corners; advanced hole cut algorythm with dimameter/feedrate/cone comensation tables support and a lot of other functions. Innovative realtime THC control based on acceleration/speed calculations and your cnc mechanics and physics;
There are also some useful plugins for UCCNC and Mach3;

All programs has english localization, free to try and can be used in full functional mode for 15days.
Feel free to ask questions.

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