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    Carbide Cutters For Woodturning
    This is carbide cutters for woodturning cnc lathe. The excellent carbide (tungsten) is chosen as the raw material of blade, because its durability is more than 20 times that of the white steel, and also more than 10 times of the high speed steel. The cutters is ideal for roughing or finishing jobs on wood.

    Full carbide cutters for woodturning set include:
    Blade – 1 piece
    Cutter Bar – 1 piece
    Screws & gaskets

    Carbide Cutters For Woodturning Specification
    Cutter Bar: 40Cr Steel, size 20*20*150mm or 25*25*150mm
    Blade: high quality solid carbide (tungsten)
    Blade length: 40mm
    Cutting angle: 17 degree
    Blade tip radius: 0.75mm / 1.0mm / 1.5mm
    Blade thickness: 13mm
    Blade Hardness: 92.6 HRC

    Learn More, pls click?
    Enquire now if any interest! Email:
    Carbide Cutters For Woodturning-carbide-cutters-woodturning-jpgCarbide Cutters For Woodturning-carbide-cutters-woodturning-cnc-lathe-machine-jpg

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Carbide Cutters For Woodturning

Carbide Cutters For Woodturning