Howdy Folks, this is a quick intro, my name is Prasad Kannan, my company ToolsEngg has been catering to a wide market of industries here in India for the past 28+ years, now over the past couple of year we have slowly expanded our reach globally - to parts of europe, north america etc

We have a wide variety of products that we ship globally with an option to ship as multiple parcels to negate the possibility of duty at our customers respective country of residence.

Our staff are always here to help with purchase processes as the members in this group are well aware of most technical aspects of tooling, either way we make our self available for our customers to provide them with the best of service from our end.

Feel free to check our products out at

One of our specialty is that we take to producing form tools (custom made with drawings) for specific processes of machining, solid carbide tools, PCD , Special Collets etc can be made as per requirement with quality approval ofcource
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We make sure the price is kept competitive at the same time never compromising on the quality of anything we provide as our name depends on our quality and service,

Thank You! Hope to serve many of you in the near future.

Sorry if this was a bit lengthy but just wanted to let the members know of the services that we offer