Selling my Grizzly G0704 milling machine converted to CNC with a custom spindle and many other features. A complete build of this appears on my CNCZone thread (I can send you the link if interested). The machine sits on a modified Craftsman workbench and includes a partial enclosure (that can easily be converted to a full enclosure). There are LOTS of items coming with this - too many to list individually but here is a list of the bigger items:

- the Grizzly G0704 mill (
- KL-6050 stepper drivers on X and Y, KL-80-60 on Z axis
- KL23H2100-50-4B dual shaft 570 oz-in steppers on X and Y and KL34H295-43-8A 906 oz-in stepper on Z
- CNC4PC C35 breakout board
- 48V power supply
- fitted with the Tormach TTS tool holder system ( (there are lots of these with tools included)
- lots of collets
- lots of end mills
- Tormach height setting system
- modified Craftsman bench includes a drain for coolant recovery.
- monitor and keyboard arm
- partial enclosure built from 8020
- manual oiling system for ways and ball nuts
- machining vices (small and large)
- PC running Windows XP and Mach 3 machine controller
- shuttle jog
- CNC controller with 48V power to steppers
- an actual FogBuster mist coolant system ( (you will have to provide your own compressor, literally the only thing I am not including!)
- Digital probe
- Edge Technology tramming tool
- lots of spare parts including Recoil thread inserts (for jig making, etc) as well as electronic parts, connectors, etc
- even more spare parts including the components to build an automatic tool changer via the "Hoss Tool changer plans"

Basically, everything is here ready to start machining. I ran a small business with this machine but I consider it a hobbyist machine in that there is no support and you can modify, change, fix things as you desire. If you were thinking about doing a CNC conversion of a G0704 class milling machine, this setup would save a lot of time and money and you can get started making things quickly.

$1800 located in Groton, MA near Boston.

Converted G0704 and lots of extras-img_4412-jpgConverted G0704 and lots of extras-img_4412-jpgConverted G0704 and lots of extras-img_4414-medium-jpgConverted G0704 and lots of extras-img_4418-medium-jpgConverted G0704 and lots of extras-img_4421-medium-jpgConverted G0704 and lots of extras-img_4413-medium-jpg