Selling my lightly used (only 100-200 hours) router in the Vancouver, BC, Canada region

While it's DIY built, the components are all top-notch.

1. 4080 extrusion frame
2. screw driven axis (dual-Y drive, and dual-Y homing)
3. Masso G3 controller (this alone is $1K, plus supports ATC and other upgrades)
4. 1.5kW 110V ER16 water cooled spindle (works fantastic)
5. 3Nm closed loop stepper motors (powerful enough to go through anything, but won't tear the machine apart in case of crash)
6. Using properly sized, shielded cabling, and high quality plugs where possible
7. proximity sensors for homing / limit switches
8. 4" dust piping fully routed to external port
9. Soundproofed enclosure (drops the sound level by about 10dB, making this the quietest tool in the shop)

Asking $10K CAD (+$1K if including the dust collector in it's own cabinet)

Fully built and enclosed 4x4 router-20210619_160309-jpg

Fully built and enclosed 4x4 router-20210523_160800-jpg

Fully built and enclosed 4x4 router-20210313_113643-jpg

Fully built and enclosed 4x4 router-20210314_143456-jpg

Fully built and enclosed 4x4 router-20211020_084207-jpg

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