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    Need to find a new home for these two machines and a ton of accessories? Anyone interested? I'd like to sell them to reinvest in other shop equipment. Original paperwork, hardware, computers...Please make an offer or connect me to someone interested. I'm in the Portland, OR area.
    Prolight 3000-pxl_20210525_151836716-jpgProlight 3000-pxl_20210525_151756648-jpgProlight 3000-pxl_20210526_193342118-jpgProlight 3000-pxl_20210525_151808856-jpgProlight 3000-pxl_20210526_193407831-jpgProlight 3000-pxl_20210526_193943138-jpgProlight 3000-pxl_20210525_151819484-jpg



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