* This is a U.S. Built - Camaster Cobra Elite with a 61" x 121" Cutting Area w/ 10" Z Clearance

* Machine was purchased in the fall of 2019 and has very FEW hours on it

* Included with this sale is a 3 phase regeneration vacuum pump - Purchased same time as CNC

* Included with this sale is a 1 phase Onieda CNC High Vacuum dust collector and metal piping- purchased same time as CNC

* The machine is still hooked-up and you can see it run and I can give you training if you want. Vectric Aspire CAD/CAM is installed and I can show you how to draw / toolpath / program, etc. " Come for a couple days of training! "

Here are the specs to the CNC:
12 HP HSD ATC Spindle - 3 phase
10 Tool Holders, Cones and Collets included
Material Locating Pins to position material on the bed
Upgraded 5' x 10' Phenolic Table with Plumbing
Laser Pointer
3 Phase 208/230 volts 30 amps

As stated from the Camaster website the machine also features:
- Brushless AC Servo Drive System
- Dual Drive on Y Axis
- Z Axis Brake
- 25 MM Heavy Duty Precision Rails & Bearings on all Axis
- Industrial Steel Welded Frame
- All Steel Gantry
- All-Steel Gusseted Side Supports
- High Precision Planetary Gearboxes
- Helical Rack & Pinion
- Automatic Tool Measure Switch
- 2500 Inches Per Minute (IPM) Rapid Travel Speed
- Custom Built Monitor Stand with On/Off, Cycle Start, Cycle Stop and E-Stop
Buttons and USB Port
- High Speed Visual CNC Control System (WinCNC)
- Windows 10 PRO Control Computer
- Touch Screen Monitor, Keyboard, & Mouse

This was purchased in August of 2019 and put into service that October. This second machine was purchased to full fill a contract we ended up not getting. This machine is used 2 - 3 hours a day twice a week, it's just brand new in operation and looks.

The purchase price was $58,000 for the CNC, Vacuum pump and dust collector. Selling Price is $43,000
Machine is located and will need to be picked up near Knoxville, TN

To see photo's follow this link to Google Photos - https://photos.app.goo.gl/3gbsAnSnHjCJoWcc7 Text if interested 8653234827

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