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    I'm now offering for sale 2 models of closed circuit solution for water cooled spindles. Constructed from powder coated aluminum tubing and uses high quality urethane tube and G1/4 one touch fittings along with a quality radiator and pump. I am looking to get pre-orders to establish quatities and enable time to acquire raw materials and powder coating.

    A standard version that will accommodate up to a 5hp spindle under normal use. It uses quiet fans and an oversized radiator along with a 500 liter per hour with integral reservoir. Pump and fans run continuously. A rotary flow indicator with G1/4 fittings and air bleed is included with all systems. Power supply and wiring to cooler is included. 20 ft. of 8mm urethane tubing is also included. Fittings are available for spindles that are setup with smaller tubing.

    Instructions for connection to systems that have an available output relay (for automatic on with spindle) is included. The Standard unit sells for $250 plus shipping.

    The High Flow upgrade system includes all of the standard features plus 50% more radiator tubes and double the CFM (noisier) fans that are thermostatically controlled. Pump runs continuously, fans cycle with water temp. Designed for higher horsepower spindles that are under higher loads. The thermostat ensures that spindle bearings run at proper (~100* F) temps. The High Flow unit sells for $350 plus shipping.

    Optional with either system is a digital flow and temp indicator that has user set alarms for both flow and temp. It reads in Celsius or Fahrenheit. The digital meter comes with a 12v to 5v converter, G-1/4 one touch fittings and a 4' power wire. Complete kit costs $100

    For more info, or to pre-order email: and put "Spindle Cooler" in the subject line.

    Here is a short (7 seconds) video of the system showing the rotary flow meter and the optional digital flow/temp meter in operation:

    Some Pics of the system:

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Liquid Cooled Spindle Cooler Kit

Liquid Cooled Spindle Cooler Kit

Liquid Cooled Spindle Cooler Kit