I was pretty disgusted by Becker's prices on their lubrication products, so I went out and bought a few cases of grease and grease guns to offer them at a discount.
I have them listed on ebay, but feel free to PM me here as well. I will also be carrying 400g tubes of grease starting in early February.

Same Grease Gun and grease as Becker 74330500000 and 74330300000
Filled with 45g Kluber Amblygon TA 15/2

These grease guns are difficult to refill and prime, especially with the small 45g tubes of grease, so they come pre-filled and pre-primed, ready to go out of the box.

45g is enough for 6000 hours of run time on most pumps, (check your manual, most Becker pumps require 25x gun pumps per zerk)

Correct grease for the following pumps:
DTLF 2.200
DTLF 2.250
DTLF 2.250 K
DTLF 2.400
DTLF 2.500
DVT 3.60
DVT 3.80
DVT 3.100
DVT 3.140
KDT 3.60
KDT 3.80
KDT 3.100
KDT 3.140
KVT 3.60
KVT 3.80
KVT 3.100
KVT 3.140
KVX 3.60
KVX 3.80
KVX 3.100
KVX 3.140
VTLF 2.200
VTLF 2.250
VTLF 2.250 SK
VTLF 2.400
VTLF 2.500
VXLF 2.200
VXLF 2.250
VXLF 2.250 SK
VXLF 2.400
VXLF 2.500


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