All parts have been taken out of a fully working EMCO MC90 with dual spindles. Please contact me at jonathan [at] if you need more information, images or are interested in buying some part or all parts as a package.

We also have a second fully working EMCO MC90 and a EMCO PC Turn 155 parts machine so more parts will be available soon.

We are located in Sweden but we can ship world wide with DHL.

ATB Flender ATB-LOHER Motor

Screen frame and keys (one key is missing) *
* We also got the screen but it's very fragile

Stepper Drivers*
* These are marked (left, middle, right)

Circuit - FA0. M1-A260 NR: 118 (Y1A 715 000)

Circuit - FA0. M1-A270 NR: 118 (Y1A 710 000)

Circuit - Y1A610001

Circuit - R3D414001

Circuit - R3D425001

Circuit - R3D415001

BERGER LAHR F7C502000 Stepper Motor

BERGER LAHR F7C503000 Stepper Motor

BERGER LAHR F7C504000 Stepper Motor

Various circuits and mounting for plugin-cards

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